Trained originally as a stage designer at the National Institute of Dramatic (NIDA), Jill has designed sets, costumes and props for over 80 stage productions from Perth through Adelaide, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga and Sydney. Following years of theatre design she then began 7 years of designing floats, costumes & large scale props for Adelaide's iconic Christmas Pageant. She also studied Interactive Multimedia, and Festival Design and Event Management which proved most useful when she began Band Management in 2008. Following the success of their first collaboration, 'Vane of Barbs' (BEST EMERGING ARTIST AWARD nominee), Jill Halliday & Kiah Gossner have joined forces again to create another unique, and more ambitious multimedia experience, with a very different focus on the style of music and design. Jill is now designing the set for the world premiere of ‘CONTACT’ , a multi-art performance piece being presented by the Adelaide Festival Centre later in 2019.

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